Australian Manufacturer of Custom Badges for Military Since 1948

Badges are more than uniform adornments or accessories. In the military, these are emblems of achievements or in some cases a symbol of authority. 

Badges for the military are usually presented for rank identification or qualifications. Special divisions also give badges to their members as a symbol of fraternity. 

Many times when the armed forces hold special events such as athletic competitions, the organisers would use custom badges or even medallions to award the winners. 

With Lega Recognition Solutions, you can easily design custom badges for military that suit any purpose.

Aside from military badges, we also manufacture the following for our military clients in Australia:

  • Key ring stamped
  • Lapel pins
  • Medallion
  • Military bars
  • Military pendants
  • Sports medallions
  • White printed with Epoxy name badge
  • Key Ring Round Metal

Top Quality Military Badges in Australia 

Military badges from Lega are made from high-quality materials such as steel, wood, resin, and epoxy. 

Our process involves handcrafting and we use state-of-the-art machineries to craft top-notch products that you’ll surely love.

More than uniform accessories, our badges are considered personal treasures by the members of the military.

So, we make sure that we pour in our craftsmanship in every piece we produce. 

Custom Badges for Military 

It’s easy to work with Lega. You may send us your design so we can digitise it for production.

If you don’t have an existing badge design, our in-house graphic designer can assist you in creating your own custom design. 

Plus, our customer service team can take care of your account so your concerns are properly addressed.

Need badges in a rush? No worries! We can get branded school badges to you in 5 business days.

Let’s discuss your custom designs.