Custom Lapel Pins, Made to Order

Lega recognition Solutions custom lapel pins are ideal for the “jewellery” look. Common uses of lapel pins include corporate jewellery and service awards. 

  • Lapel Pins range between 10mm – 8mm in size.
  • Lapel Pins can be stamped from brass or copper. They can also be cast in pewter with gold, nickel, or copper finishes.
  • Colour can be added for a stand out effect.
  • The most common fitting is the butterfly grip.

Lega Recognition Solutions employs an in-house graphic artist to help bring your idea to life. 

Check out some examples of custom lapel pins below.

Lapel Pins

Metal Pins

Gold Metal Bar

Enamel Pins

Calvary Enamel Pin

Have some ideas of your own? Let’s discuss your custom designs.